Beatriz Sotela Bearden

Fine Art

Artist Statement

The nature of my work involves people of all ages, races, cultures.  I find their features, fascinating!

I work mostly in oil, however, I also draw the figures and portraits, graphite or conte on paper.

I was born in Costa Rica. My memories of my native land are full of beautiful sights, rain forest, jungles, butterflies, flowers and Mountains.  In my home we frequently entertained guests from other countries where different languages were spoken. 

At an early age, I decided, someday, I would travel the world!  I traveled to the United States, where I eventually worked for the Airlines. I have seen and met thousands of people from all parts of the world.  On my many travels I was able to record  the faces I had seen on National Geographic. as remembered from childhood.  My adventures took me to the Himalayas, Africa, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Russia, Central Asia and on.  I learned I could communicate with a smile and kind words establishing friendships where I traveled.  My drawings and journals are the inspiration for my painting.  When the time came... and it did come, I was able to recapture my many adventures.

I retired after thirty six years and now I am a full time Artist, what you see in my Art is a world of Faces. 


Beatriz Sotela Bearden 2013